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Here's How VBP Can Help Your Business
Throughout the years we have established a strong reputation for helping many businesses reach their potential and develop into highly successful enterprises.
The core principles and methodology that have led us to so many successes have rarely changed in those years:
Laying Strong Foundations
Before we start on any project, we spend a lot of time listening and getting to know our clients and their business. We undertake a comprehensive audit process in order that we can identify exactly what you do, what you are particularly good at and where the critical areas lie.
Only after we have ALL the facts can we confidently devise effective strategies that will work for your business.
Problem Searching and Solving 
We actively search for the challenging problems in your business. We offer outstanding added value, leveraging the core competence of our Consultants coupled with our market leading strategies to deliver a positive impact to your business.
You’ll discover that many of our methodologies which have helped clients multiply their sales and profits time and time again, using techniques that cost very little and sometimes, no cost to you whatsoever.
Building Capabilities
We work to develop businesses. Equally we work to develop our clients, in terms of enhancing their capabilities and leadership skills. This means you’ll become empowered to drive your business forward with greater conviction and confidence than ever before.
Our Success depends on your Success
We make it our business to ensure that your business succeeds. Unlike many business consultants who charge a flat fee regardless of whether their advice was effective, a large proportion of our fees include a results based element. This means that our income relates directly to the success that we deliver to you.
Profit Acceleration Program
Taking Your Business To The Next Level

The Profit Acceleration Program is our full service package and contains everything needed to drive your business forward.
You may choose it for a whole variety of reasons...
You’ve hit a ‘glass ceiling’ and feel you can’t grow your business any further. Yet you can see your competitors outperform you and know you should be there too but just can’t work out how to get there.
You are a specialist in your chosen field and great at what you do but you don’t have the marketing or business development skills to take your business to the next stage.
Business has been good to you but it’s time to do something new or retire. Your accountant has talked about exit strategies, however, to get the best price in a sale you need to systemise your marketing and operations so your business is not so reliant upon your personal knowledge and relationships.
You’ve previously had consultants in but they just left you with a report on what you should do without actually helping you to do it. What you want now is someone to work in partnership with who will help you implement business growth strategies, not just talk about them.
How To Uncover The Undervalued and Hidden Assets In Your Business And Take It To The Next Level…

Many companies reach a point in their growth when they need an injection of new ideas to take them to the next level.
Sometimes the competition can squeeze the profit margins so much that you question whether its worth going on. Other times you seem to be spending a fortune on marketing but see fewer new customers. The consequence of not moving forward can be stagnation and ultimately recession.
If you need to find out where your best opportunities lie to make your business recession proof, at VBP we have the answer…
If you believe there is still great potential in your company you could seriously benefit from one of VBP's business development and turnaround specialists undertaking a Confidential Business Analysis and creating a your own Profit Acceleration Action Plan.
The Confidential Business Analysis is one of the most powerful tools in the VBP toolbox
The analysis will uncover undervalued or hidden assets within your business and help identify where the best marketing and sales opportunities lie. To conduct this we need 2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted time with the business owner or owners followed by another hour or so about 7 to 10 days later to present your Profit Acceleration Action Plan.
Having a Confidential Business Analysis from VBP could be the most profitable decision for your business you make this year.
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