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So how do we make it happen .......

Our Profit Acceleration Program
Taking Your Business To The Next Level
The Profit Acceleration Program is our full service package and contains everything needed to drive your business forward.
You may choose it for a whole variety of reasons......
You’ve hit a ‘glass ceiling’ and feel you can’t grow your business any further. Yet you can see your competitors outperform you and know you should be there too but just can’t work out how to get there.
You are a specialist in your chosen field and great at what you do but you don’t have the marketing or business development skills to take your business to the next stage.
Business has been good to you but it’s time to do something new or retire. Your accountant has talked about exit strategies, however, to get the best price in a sale you need to systemise your marketing and operations so your business is not so reliant upon your personal knowledge and relationships.
You’ve previously had consultants in but they just left you with a report on what you should do without actually helping you to do it. What you want now is someone to work in partnership with who will help you implement business growth strategies, not just talk about them.
1. Initial Fact Find, Identification of Needs & Letter of Agreement
Before we enter into any agreement we want to be sure we can help. It all begins with up to 2 weeks of telephone and questionnaire driven analysis to determine at a high level the business framework, key issues, market place, clients and competition.
We’ll present to you our recommendations and if you like what you hear and are committed to improving your business we’ll both sign a simple letter of agreement and get started.
2. Audit – Confidential Business Analysis Meeting
A half day in-depth review and ‘snapshot’ of your business, building upon the work and information gathered during the fact find. This is driven by a detailed questionnaire and requires the attendance of all the key decision makers in the business.
3. Introduction of Fast Cash Strategies
From our first conversations with you on the phone we’ll identify some Fast Cash Strategies we can implement in your business right away. These strategies are typically low cost or no cost methods and used to get money into your business quickly. You’ll also be amazed at how having a VBP Business Development Specialist working in your business seems to lift your employees, getting everyone to think about improving profits.
4. Market Research
Do you measure success by levels of activity or by bottom line profit at the end of each month? We’ll want to make sure you are selling the right products or services to the right customers. We’ll identify your best type of customers in terms of profitability and not just spend so we can then find more of the same. During our detailed investigation we’ll ask…
Who you are?
Who are your customers?
Why do they buy from you?
Where do we find more?
What else do they need or want?
5. Employee Research and Workshops
We believe employees should be valued just as much as the customer and we certainly value their input. That’s why we include staff meetings, workshops and research in our business development process.
Amongst other things we’ll be asking…
What your staff think about the business?
How they believe the business can be improved?
We’ll also look to model best practice within the company, particularly customer interactions such as telesales, sales meetings and service calls.
6. USP and Positioning Workshop
A critical element to all future marketing activity will be to establish your company and product/service unique selling propositions (USP’s) and your position (where you fit in) in the market place.
Simply saying you offer ‘Great Value’ and ‘Great Service’ are just not good enough to distinguish you in a crowded market place. Anyone can say that. Our USP and Positioning Workshop, supported by additional research will help identify…
Who you are as a business?
What business are you REALLY in?
What is unique about you?
How you can become the market leaders?
How you can gain top of mind awareness in the market?
How you can niche and position the business to gain unique appeal?
7. Creation and Compilation of Business Growth Action Plan.
The true skill and experience of VBP Business Development Specialists comes to the fore in the creation and compilation of the Business Growth Action Plan. This in-depth plan will be a ‘living document’, amended regularly where appropriate and will…
Identify or create personal and company vision, goals and exit strategy.
Identify exploitable strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your competition.
Identify or create your Unique Selling Proposition.
Develop specific growth strategies for…
Getting more new leads.
- Improving leads to sales conversion ratio.
- Increasing the average value of each sale.
- Improving and enhancing profit margins.
- Increasing the average number of sales per year per customer.
- Getting customers to refer more qualified leads.
- Converting more referred leads to buying customers.
Creating additional marketing systems that create immediate, long-lasting and steady streams of income.
We’ll present this plan to you and together we’ll agree resources and target completion dates.
8. Implementation Phase
While your VBP Business Development Specialist will have already started to implement Fast Cash Strategies, it’s once the Action Plan has been agreed that the longer term strategies are launched. During this period you and your Profit Acceleration Program will be Taking Your Business To The Next Level.........
This may involve Franchising Your Business. We have the methodologies and experience to Franchise your business, provided the business model you have is franchiseable.
Funding Growth or business change requires consideration of the money involved. Working with VBP will grow your business faster and by a greater degree than you will have imagined. This will inevitably lead to you considering the need to finance further growth and ask questions of the existing corporate and financial structure.
Whether it is traditional debt, equity or mezzanine finance that maybe required we have a carefully selected network of finance providers able to offer the most competitive, appropriate solutions. All of our finance partners will consider your needs in-depth, analyse your business plan and suggest the most cost effective solution for you and your company.
We will be happy to introduce you to our contacts and assist you in developing a robust business plan, and be available to support you through the process of business transformation or even turnaround. We also have qualified accountants within our team of specialists who can be on hand to advise you as your business grows.
You may choose us for a whole variety of reasons...
You’ve hit a ‘glass ceiling’ and feel you can’t grow your business any further. Yet you can see your competitors outperform you and know you should be there too but just can’t work out how to get there.
9. Planning for the Future
As well as providing you with a good ongoing income, we want your business to be a valuable asset that can be sold, floated, franchised or passed on to family when the time is right.
As the project progresses our objective will be to help you make some informed decisions about the future direction, growth potential, share structure, financing and possible exit strategy based upon the newly established growth potential of the business.
The Big Question – How Much?...
Every business is different; therefore your investment in receiving our help and support will be determined by the nature and size of the project. What you’ll be pleased to know is we derive much of our income from the improved results we bring as a percentage of the increase. This keeps our base fees at a competitive level and demonstrates our belief and commitment in every engagement we choose to take on.
Company history & personal credentials
Our seasoned business professionals have a wealth of experience in delivering proven world class change and development programmes. They have been there, done it and changed it.
Customer testimonials
We have numerous clients spread across many industries only too willing to give a reference and testimonial as to the success of our involvement within their organisations. These are available for contact by our prospective new clients once we are underway with the initial discussions.